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According to the current legislation, during the movement of goods across the border of Ukraine, all imported and exported goods are subject to mandatory customs clearance. Cargo transportation abroad is directly related to customs clearance of goods. Well-coordinated work of an experienced team is required for the successful passage of the cargo through all instances and for it to be delivered to the warehouse on time.

Indicative list of documents for foreign economic activity:

  • accreditation card;
  • a contract of instruction on the provision of services for the declaration of goods (an agreement between a subject of foreign economic activity and a customs broker);
  • certificate of declaration of currency values;
  • foreign economic activity contract (applications, specifications);
  • invoice + translation;
  • certificate of origin of goods (if necessary);
  • СМR or other transport documents depending on the type of transport;
  • shipper’s export declaration;
  • product catalog or technical description;
  • certificate of the transport company about the cost of transportation to the border of Ukraine (if necessary);
  • the conclusion of the SSU (if necessary);
  • Payment orders

Today our company has a large base of partners in different countries and successfully carries out the general preparation of all import/export documentation, declarations, certificates, etc. – documents that greatly facilitate import/export for our client.

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