Imex Solutions

We find solutions for your customs tasks

IMEX SOLUTIONS provides a full range of customs, logistics and brokerage services. Our clients save time while receiving first-class service. It is easy to deal with import and export with us, the execution of a large number of documents and the passage of the necessary procedures become simple and understandable.

IMEX SOLUTIONS specialists have more than 15 years of experience in the field of customs brokerage services. They will take care of the registration and receipt of mandatory documents and permits and warn against possible risks, so you can import or export goods quickly, efficiently and safely.

The main processes that you can entrust us

1. Information

Providing full-fledged legal consulting services at the highest professional level.

2. Planning

Planning of all aspects in solving problem and other issues in the conduct of foreign economic activity for your company.

3. Fulfillment

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of foreign economic activity, our specialists provide customs brokerage services with high quality and professionalism.

4. Time

We will change the way you think about the word “waiting” as customs clearance is very fast.

5. Result

Our specialists work exclusively for the result, therefore they are attentive to meeting the needs of all our clients.

Enjoy fast customs clearance!

Quality. Speed. Low price.

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  • Customs clearance of goods

  • Environmental control

  • Sanitary control

  • Veterinary control

  • Receiving approval letters

  • Radiological control

  • Customs accreditation

  • Product certification

  • Conclusion of the SSU