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Foreign economic activity in Ukraine

Our choice is "turnkey" foreign economic activity.

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The process of conducting foreign economic activity is often complicated, exhausting and incomprehensible, therefore the company “Imex Solutions” offers to use the “turnkey” foreign economic activity service. You do not have to control the date when your goods are ready for shipment or contact the sender yourself, since these functions will be assigned to the specialists of our company.

During the import of goods into the territory of Ukraine, a number of risks arise that can lead to excessive costs, for example, to fines.

By providing a turnkey foreign economic activity service, Imex Solutions takes all risks upon itself, and the company’s employees independently inform the customer about the loading date and the planned delivery date to the customer’s warehouse.

When conducting foreign economic activity, situations arise when the date of readiness for shipment of goods may change. For example, a product may be ready for shipment ahead of schedule, or it may be delayed for some reason. That is why our specialist constantly monitors the date of shipment and coordinate it with a representative of the logistics company.

Also, the sender with whom you cooperate may have several warehouses and consignments of goods, respectively, in order to correctly register the shipment, you need to load the goods first at one warehouse, and then at another. Under such circumstances, the key is not only the fact of delivery of the transport on the specified date, but also the determination of the exact time of shipment, which can also vary.

Risks when importing goods to Ukraine:

  • if the transport is delivered for shipment, when the cargo is not yet ready, it will be necessary to pay for the downtime or refuse transportation altogether;
  • on the other hand, the convoy may also impose penalties for the fact that the cargo was removed from the convoy out of time.

Cargoes are also imported under commission agreements with clients at their company. Our company acts as an experienced importing agent.

If necessary, Imex Solutions provides:

  • a full range of services for customs clearance of imported goods;
  • assistance in obtaining certificates of conformity, quarantine permits and other permits, the presentation of which is required when moving goods across the customs border.

We will provide you with all the necessary documents confirming the origin and value of the goods.

Imex Solutions is ready not only to take all risks, but also to monitor the dates of cargo readiness, organize shipments, control the process of logistics and delivery of goods, carry out customs clearance of goods, deliver products to the warehouse.

You, as a client, will only have to first find a manufacturer with whom you want to cooperate and order products that you will sell in the future.

Stages of foreign economic activity

  • Search for a product manufacturer

  • Conclusion of a foreign economic activity contract

  • Product order

  • Monitoring of the cargo readiness date

  • Organization of shipment

  • Logistics, product delivery

  • Customs clearance

  • Delivery of products to the customer’s warehouse

  • Sale of products

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