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Import is the importation into the territory of the state of goods or raw materials for sale or processing. Imports are regulated by tariff (duties, taxes, excise duties) and non-tariff (permit, licensing) means.

Customs clearance procedure

First, you need to include a clause on foreign economic activity in the company’s charter and find a reliable supplier of goods that the company is going to import to Ukraine. It is important to make sure that the foreign partner is honest in order to avoid future difficulties when going through customs procedures. If the quality of products and the reliability of the supplier are not in doubt, it is possible to conclude a foreign economic contract and find out the terms of delivery of Incoterms. Incoterms are international trade rules that fix who pays customs and transport costs, and at what stage the responsibility in case of damage or loss of cargo passes from the seller to the buyer.

The importer is obliged to be accredited and obtain an account number, preferably in the customs authority where customs clearance will take place in the future.

The next, very important, stage of customs clearance is the assignment of the UKT ZED code to the imported goods. The code is determined according to six rules of interpretation, which can be found in the Law of Ukraine “On the Customs Tariff of Ukraine” dated June 4, 2020 No. 674-IX. The UKT ZED number determines what documents are required for registration and how much fees and duties are paid to the state. Timely submission of documents and payment of duties will facilitate and speed up customs clearance of imports.

Documents for customs clearance

Main package of documents:

1. Foreign economic agreement with the necessary commercial applications.

2. Invoice. The document by which the goods are paid for. The invoice indicates the supplier and buyer, the name of the goods, the quantity and unit of measure, the price and cost.

3. Transport documents. Depending on the method of cargo delivery, this can be a bill of lading (sea transportation), a FIATA bill of lading (combined transportation), CMR (road transportation), an air waybill, a railway waybill.

4. Packing list with information about the cargo: invoice number, description of goods, packaging and marking of goods, weight and dimensions.

5. Certificate of origin, confirming the country of origin of the goods.

In addition to the above, the customs authority may request additional information. Depending on the UKT ZED code, a veterinary or quarantine certificate, a certificate of conformity, an SSU conclusion on special-purpose goods, a conclusion on the absence of narcotic drugs in the goods, and so on, may be required.

It is important to prepare the necessary paperwork and permits before the goods arrive at the place of customs clearance. This will help to avoid downtime or fines, and in the worst case, cargo confiscation.

After selecting the UKT ZED code and preparing a package of documents, a customs declaration is filled in and taxes and duties are paid.

Customs clearance fees

Mandatory payments upon import:

  • Customs duty is established by the Customs Code of Ukraine. Customs duty rates for different types of goods under UKT ZED are reflected in the “Customs Tariff”;
  • excise tax on certain types of imported goods, such as alcohol and tobacco products;
  • 20% VAT on all imported goods, except for those specified in Ukrainian legislation.

In addition to mandatory payments, it is worth considering the costs of obtaining licenses and permits from the regulatory authorities of Ukraine.

The final stage of import customs clearance

After receiving the customs declaration, the customs authority inspects the submitted documents, controls the cost and payment of taxes, and checks the cargo using the automatic risk analysis and management system (ARAMS). If ARAMS reports possible violations, the customs inspector requests additional documents or permits.

Correct execution of all processes and compliance with the norms and rules approved by the legislation of Ukraine will allow you to go through customs clearance in a few hours. Since customs legislation is very complex and confusing, it is better to contact a customs broker for advice and paperwork. Specialists of “ImEx Solutions” have been working in the field of customs and logistics services for more than fifteen years and monitor changes in Ukrainian and international legislation in order to provide customers with the smooth passage of the necessary procedures when importing goods to Ukraine.

Cost of services ImEx Solutions

Service Price for international express shipments, UAH Price for registration in the area of the cargo and customs complex, UAH
Preparation and execution of a cargo customs declaration according to the codes of the Ukrainian classification of foreighn economics goods (UCT ZED):
up to five codes UCT ZED 2000,00 2400,00
from 6 to 10 codes UCT ZED 2500,00 2900,00
from 11 to 15 codes UCT ZED 3000,00 3400,00
from 16 to 30 codes UCT ZED 3500,00 3900,00
over 30 codes UCT ZED 4000,00 4400,00
Drafting and execution of «advance notice (IM40EE)»

Preparation and execution of internal transit (TP81AA)

500,00 500,00
Preparation and execution of a «preliminary declaration (IM40EE with a financial guarantee)» 550,00 550,00
Identification inspection of goods 500,00 500,00
Registration of goods of legal entities worth up to 150 euros in import / export customs regimes 800,00 800,00
Obtaining approval from the nomenclature department and the tariff department 500,00 500,00

Frequently Asked Questions

Customs clearance of goods – what is it?2022-02-07T10:58:32+02:00

Any goods that are imported into the territory of Ukraine must go through customs clearance. To do this, you need to determine the UKT ZED code of the imported goods, prepare the appropriate permits according to the code, fill out a customs declaration and pay the necessary duties, fees and taxes. After that, the imported goods are put into circulation on the territory of Ukraine.

How is customs clearance of goods in Ukraine?2022-02-07T11:24:10+02:00

For customs clearance of goods, a customs declaration is filled out and duties, taxes and excise duties are paid. The amount of fees and the list of required permits is determined by the legislation of Ukraine.

What documents are required for customs clearance of imports in Ukraine?2022-02-07T11:35:53+02:00

For customs clearance of imports, you must provide:

  • foreign trade agreement,
  • invoice,
  • transport documents,
  • packing list,
  • certificate of origin of goods.

In addition, the customs inspector may request additional documents, depending on the UKT ZED code.

Import customs clearance procedure2022-02-07T11:43:37+02:00

Customs clearance consists of several successive stages:

1. Accreditation of the enterprise at customs.
2. Determination of the UKT ZED code of the imported goods.
3. Preparation of a package of documents.
4. Filling in the customs declaration.
5. Payment of taxes, duties and fees.

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