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Export is an important part of international trade. Due to the expansion of the share of exported goods and the geography of importing countries, Ukrainian enterprises increase turnover and employment, which has a beneficial effect on the economy and welfare of the state.

What is an export? Who can export?

Export – the export of goods outside the customs territory of the country. According to the current legislation, an exporter can be:

  • individual entrepreneur;
  • entity;
  • public association or organization;
  • joint venture registered in Ukraine.

State authorities consider an entity to be an exporter if:

  • official registration and bank account;
  • electronic digital signature;
  • customs accreditation.

For the export of any product, customs clearance of goods is required. The export of certain types of products (intellectual property, cultural goods, agricultural and livestock products, etc.) requires additional permission from individual government agencies.

Each state imposes a ban on the export of certain types of products. The exporter must be familiar with all the requirements of the customs authorities and the specifics of the process.

To speed up the process of exporting goods outside the customs territory, the exporter uses a special employee who understands the intricacies of customs clearance, or uses the services of a customs broker.

Procedure for registration of export in Ukraine

The export procedure consists of several stages. To start the procedure, the owner of the cargo or his representative applies to the customs authorities.

Article 247 of the “Customs Code” allows you to send appeals both to checkpoints across the customs border of Ukraine and to subdivisions of the governing bodies of customs.

Upon receipt of the application, the state authorities check:

  • whether the goods are allowed to be exported outside the country;
  • whether the documents for export are correctly executed;
  • has the owner paid the necessary fees?

If necessary, the cargo passes radiological, phytosanitary and other types of control. After checking the documents and physical examination, the customs authorities allow the goods to be taken out of Ukraine.

The main problems of customs clearance of goods in Ukraine

Customs clearance is a complex procedure that requires special training. As a rule, exporters face the following problems:

  • Ignorance of the sequence of the clearance procedure, lack of experience in communicating with customs officers and, as a result, loss of time.
  • Lack of all necessary documents for export. For registration, two packages are required: documents confirming the owner’s right to the cargo, conducting foreign economic activity and a declaration of intent to export the goods, as well as documents characterizing the cargo (certificates, licenses, etc.). Some types of goods require non-tariff regulation or special permits.
  • Errors in filling out documents. Legislative and regulatory requirements change regularly. The owner allows inaccuracies in the classification of goods, designation of the country of origin of the goods, calculation of the cost.

Why you should contact Imex Solutions

Customs clearance for export is one of the directions of work of Imex Solutions. We know what documents are needed for customs clearance and how to fill them out so that customs representatives do not have any claims. Turning to us, you save time. The clearance procedure is fast, and your customers receive the goods on time stipulated by the contract. We support clients 24/7.

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Frequently asked questions

Customs clearance – what is it?2022-02-08T11:51:51+02:00

Customs clearance is a process of taking goods through the customs authority to facilitate the movement of cargo outside the country (export). The customs clearance means a document issued by the customs authority to a shipper indicating that all duties have been paid and the shipper’s goods is cleared for export.

How is the customs clearance of export of goods?2022-02-08T12:06:44+02:00

According to Article 247 of the “Customs Code of Ukraine”, round-the-clock customs clearance (export) takes place at the checkpoint through the state customs or during the working day at the location of the relevant divisions of the customs authorities.

What documents are needed to export goods from Ukraine2022-02-08T12:09:12+02:00

When asked what documents are needed to export goods from Ukraine, experts name two lists:

  • main – documents that are provided by everyone involved in export (confirmation of ownership of the goods, export declaration, declaration of value, etc.);
  • additional – documents required by the customs authorities, depending on the specifics of the exported goods (security certificates, passports, licenses, etc.).
The procedure for customs clearance of exports2022-02-08T12:11:26+02:00

The procedure for exporting goods takes place in several stages:

  • the owner or his authorized representative transfers the exported cargo for customs inspection;
  • the owner or his authorized representative submits a declaration and other necessary documents;
  • customs representatives check the admissibility of exporting this category of goods outside the territory of Ukraine and conduct a physical examination of the cargo;
  • the exporter pays the customs duty.

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