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According to Ukrainian legislation, an electronic customs declaration has the same legal force as its paper equivalent.

What is electronic declaration?

Declaration of goods – the statement of detailed data about the goods and the purpose of its movement through customs, as well as other data required for customs control. Such a declaration is made by the owner of the goods by filing a customs declaration. This document may be submitted electronically and digitally signed.

The declarant has the right:

  • Receive from the customs authorities a message about the date and time of registration of the electronic declaration.
  • Independently record in the electronic system of customs authorities the fact and time of submission of the document.

Electronic cargo declaration: main advantages

Electronic customs clearance simplifies the procedure for passing the customs border:

  • The owner of the cargo does not depend on the working hours of the customs office and can fill out the documents at any convenient time.
  • The personal presence of the declarant at the border is not required. He has the opportunity to submit an electronic document at the place of business to the nearest department of customs authorities.
  • The document flow is reduced and, as a result, the procedure for moving goods outside the customs territory is simplified, the downtime of transport with cargo at customs is minimized.
  • The possibility of contacts between customs representatives and the owner of the cargo is limited, which reduces the likelihood of corruption and facts of extortion of money by customs officials to speed up the procedure for clearing goods.
  • The declarant gets the opportunity to track all stages of the procedure (from the acceptance of the declaration to the movement of goods across the border) remotely.

Electronic declaration makes the process of passing customs procedures transparent, simple and understandable to the owner of the goods.

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Frequently asked questions

What is electronic declaration of goods?2022-02-16T10:44:12+02:00

According to Article 257 of the Customs Code, electronic declaration is the submission to the customs authorities of an electronic customs declaration with a digital signature by the declarant or his authorized person.

How is the electronic customs declaration of goods in Ukraine?2022-02-16T10:50:22+02:00

Electronic customs declaration takes place in several stages:

  • collection of documents necessary for declaring;
  • preparation of an electronic declaration using special software;
  • sending an electronic declaration for consideration by the customs authorities;
  • assignment of an individual number to the document and registration of information about it in the State Customs Service.

If the electronic declaration for goods is filled out correctly and does not contain errors, the owner has paid all the required fees and fulfilled the conditions of non-tariff regulation, the decision to let the goods through the customs border is made within four working days.

Why do I need electronic declaration at customs at the border?2022-02-16T10:57:46+02:00

Many countries use electronic declaration. Ukraine is no exception.

Advantages of electronic declaration for the state:

  • reducing the burden on customs from reducing the downtime of vehicles on it;
  • optimization of workflow;
  • reducing the corruption component of the process of passing customs control.

Benefits of electronic declaration for the cargo owner:

  • saving time and money on the customs clearance process;
  • speeding up the procedure for passing goods across the border;
  • the ability to track all stages of the movement of goods online on a computer in your office.

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