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An important part of foreign economic activity is international trade, which involves the movement of goods and vehicles for commercial use across the state border. In order to ensure compliance with the order and norms established by the legislation of Ukraine, goods that are imported or exported must go through the customs clearance process.

What is customs clearance of goods

During customs clearance, the cargo is assessed and all necessary fees and duties are paid. The circulation of goods that have not been declared on the territory of Ukraine is illegal.

The registration process is regulated by the Customs Code of Ukraine, the Tax Code of Ukraine, international conventions and agreements.

Any entrepreneur can draw up a customs declaration on his own, but it is not so easy to understand all the existing legislative norms, so it makes sense to delegate these responsibilities to a specialist – a customs broker who will help you go through the customs clearance procedure without delay and at the lowest cost for the client.

Stages of customs clearance

The customs clearance process is regulated by a large number of regulations and acts. In order not to get confused in all the complexities of cargo clearance, you must follow the sequence of actions. Let’s look at the customs clearance procedure in stages.

1. Choice of customs regime

The Customs Code of Ukraine approves 23 customs regimes, such as:

  • export (final export);
  • import (release for free circulation);
  • re-export;
  • re-import;
  • temporary importation;
  • temporary export;
  • processing in the customs territory;
  • free customs zone;
  • duty-free trade;
  • bonded warehouse;
  • transit;
  • refusal in favor of the state;
  • other.

Depending on the purpose for which the cargo is used, the declarant can choose any regime and change it, if necessary, in compliance with the norms of tariff regulation.

2. Classification of goods according to UCT ZED (Ukrainian classification of foreighn economics goods)

UCT ZED — Ukrainian classification of foreighn economics goods, compiled on the basis of the Harmonized System of Description and Coding of Goods.
The structure of a ten-digit digital code designation of goods in the UCT ZED includes:

  • group code (first two characters);
  • commodity item (first four characters);
  • commodity sub-item (first six characters);
  • product category (first eight characters);
  • product subcategory (ten characters).

For example, the code 6101 90 80 10 is deciphered as follows:

group code 61 «Textiles and textile products»

commodity item 6101 «Apparel and clothing accessories, knitted»

commodity sub-item 6101 90 «Coats, short coats, capes, raincoats, anoraks (including ski jackets), jackets and similar articles, knitted, for men or boys, other than articles of heading 6103»

product category 6101 90 80 «Coats, short coats, capes, raincoats, anoraks (including ski jackets), jackets and similar articles, knitted, for men or boys, except for articles of heading 6103 made of other textile materials»

product subcategory 6101 90 80 10 «Coats, short coats, capes, raincoats, anoraks (including ski jackets), jackets and similar articles, knitted, for men or boys, excluding articles of heading 6103 made of other textile materials: anoraks (including ski jackets) , jackets and similar products»

The correct classification of goods according to UCT ZED facilitates the selection of a package of documents and the entire customs clearance procedure, because it is the code that determines what customs duties will be levied on the goods, and what non-tariff norms regulate the free circulation of goods on the market. Incorrect classification can lead to cargo delays at the border and unforeseen costs when declaring.

3. Preparation of a set of documents

A complete list of documents required for customs clearance of cargo is approved by the «Procedure for filling out customs declarations on the form of a single administrative document» dated 05/30/2012 No. 651.

  • An invoice or other document that indicates the value of the goods
  • Agreement (contract) and its main terms.
  • Confirmation of compliance with the prohibitions and restrictions established by law on the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine.
  • Documents confirming the authority of the person submitting the customs declaration.
  • Transport (shipping) documents.
  • Confirmation of compliance with measures of non-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity.
  • Confirmation of compliance with restrictions arising from the use of protective, anti-dumping and countervailing measures.
  • Documents confirming the country of origin of the goods.
  • Documents confirming the payment of customs duties.
  • Documents confirming the right to benefits in the payment of customs payments in accordance with the customs regime.
  • Documents on changes in the timing of payments.
  • Documents on the declared customs value of goods.
  • Previous decisions on the classification of goods in accordance with the UCT ZED, determination of the country of origin of goods, permission to place goods in separate customs regimes.
  • Previous customs declarations for which goods have not been released.

The body of taxes and fees requests documents depending on the chosen customs regime and a specific UCT ZED code.

4. Declaration procedure

After preparing the required package of documents, the declarant submits a declaration to customs.

Declaration is carried out by means of a statement in the established form of accurate information about the goods, the purpose of their movement across the customs border of Ukraine, as well as information necessary for the implementation of their customs control and customs clearance. The declaration is submitted to the customs authority within 10 days after the goods arrive at the place of customs clearance.

5. Release of goods for free circulation

After payment of duties, taxes and fees, a product or vehicle for commercial use is released for free circulation on the territory of Ukraine, that is, it becomes available for sale or use.

Reasons for extending the customs clearance period

The declaration is completed within four hours after the registration of the customs declaration in the authority of taxes and fees. This period is extended for the following reasons:

  • Submission of additional documents and information by the declarant.
  • Additional research and examination of goods.
  • Violation of customs regulations.
  • Violation of intellectual property rights.

Benefits of working with a broker

1. Correct calculation of the cost of customs clearance of cargo.

2. Error-free filling of documents, preparation of the necessary package of documents, submission of a declaration at a convenient time.

3. Solving non-standard tasks for customs clearance (processing of raw materials on the territory of Ukraine, temporary import of goods).

4. Optimization of customs clearance costs, reducing the risk of sanctions and fines.

5. Reducing the time of delivery and clearance of goods due to the developed logistics system.

The cost of customs clearance services

The amount of payments is calculated based on the exchange rate in which the contract with the seller is concluded, depends on the UCT ZED code and the selected customs regime, and is regulated by the norms of Ukrainian legislation.

Cost of services ImEx Solutions

Service Price for international express shipments, UAH Price for registration in the area of the cargo and customs complex, UAH
Preparation and execution of a cargo customs declaration according to the codes of the Ukrainian classification of foreighn economics goods (UCT ZED):
up to five codes UCT ZED 2000,00 2400,00
from 6 to 10 codes UCT ZED 2500,00 2900,00
from 11 to 15 codes UCT ZED 3000,00 3400,00
from 16 to 30 codes UCT ZED 3500,00 3900,00
over 30 codes UCT ZED 4000,00 4400,00
Drafting and execution of «advance notice (IM40EE)»

Preparation and execution of internal transit (TP81AA)

500,00 500,00
Preparation and execution of a «preliminary declaration (IM40EE with a financial guarantee)» 550,00 550,00
Identification inspection of goods 500,00 500,00
Registration of goods of legal entities worth up to 150 euros in import / export customs regimes 800,00 800,00
Obtaining approval from the nomenclature department and the tariff department 500,00 500,00
According to the M16 declaration 650,00 650,00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is customs clearance?2022-01-13T14:43:41+02:00

Customs clearance is the procedure for registration and assessment of cargo when moving across the border of Ukraine, as well as payment of all duties, taxes and fees provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.

Who provides customs clearance services?2022-01-13T14:44:11+02:00

Customs clearance services are provided by customs brokers. Experienced specialists from ImEx Solutions will help you go through the cargo clearance procedure quickly and at no additional cost.

How is the customs clearance process in Ukraine?2022-01-13T14:44:36+02:00

The customs clearance process consists of several stages: the choice of the customs regime, the determination of the Ukrainian classification of foreighn economics goods (UCT ZED) code, the preparation of a package of permits, the declaration procedure, payment of the necessary fees and duties, and the release of goods for free circulation.

What documents are required for customs clearance of goods?2022-01-13T14:45:05+02:00

For customs declaration, you must provide an invoice with the specified names and value of the goods. In addition to the invoice, the composition of the set of documents depends on the Ukrainian classification of foreighn economics goods (UCT ZED) code and the norms of tariff and non-tariff regulation defined for this group of goods.

What is the cost of customs clearance?2022-01-13T14:45:34+02:00

The amount of customs payments is calculated based on the value of the cargo under the contract, as well as customs and non-customs payments for each Ukrainian classification of foreighn economics goods (UCT ZED) code, determined by the legislation of Ukraine.

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