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According to the current rules, an individual can bring any goods into the country, provided that

  • no special permissions are required to import them;
  • import of this category of goods is not prohibited.

Customs clearance of goods by an individual

Individuals registered as entrepreneurs and participants in foreign economic activity can import, subject to mandatory clearance at customs, goods for:

  • commercial activities;
  • production activities;
  • subsequent implementation in Ukraine.

Individuals who are not entrepreneurs may import goods for personal use by declaring them orally or in writing.

The declaration method is determined by:

  • cost and weight of cargo;
  • frequency of crossing the border by the owner.

Customs duty for individuals is calculated based on the cost and other characteristics of the cargo.

When crossing the border, there is a system of two corridors, marked in red and green.

Conditions for the import of goods through the green channel:

  • The person importing the goods was absent from Ukraine for more than 24 hours and crosses the border no more than once every 72 hours.
  • The transported goods weigh no more than 50 kg.
  • The cost of cargo transported across the land border is no more than 500 euros, through the air – 1000 euros.

The red corridor is used by persons transporting goods whose value is more than 1000 euros and requiring written clearance.

The customs control procedure for the importation of goods by an individual provides for:

  • Oral questioning and verification of documents
  • Personal customs inspection
  • Inspection and inspection of the transported cargo

The customs officer determines the purpose of the cargo transported across the border on the basis of:

  • Declaration of an individual
  • Quantity, properties and destination of cargo

Customs clearance of a parcel by an individual

Customs clearance of a parcel for individuals involves:

  • Collection and submission by the recipient of the required documents (passport, TIN, check or other document confirming the fact of purchase)
  • Payment of the required fees (in case the purchase price is higher than 100 euros)
  • Completion by a customs officer of the M15 form (name, purpose, value of the goods being sent, etc.)
  • Receiving a parcel at the post office

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Customs consultations for individuals is one of the areas of work of Imex Solutions. Our experts will help you arrange the accompanied and unaccompanied goods.

If the cargo requires mandatory written declaration, the company’s employees will tell you how to fill out the documents correctly and how to correct errors in existing declarations so that the customs clearance process takes you a minimum of time, does not cost you nerves and high cash costs.

Frequently asked questions

How to clear goods for an individual?2022-04-22T15:56:39+03:00

Individuals can clear the goods

  • independently, declaring the goods orally or in writing when crossing the customs border of Ukraine
  • asking for help from a customs broker who will help speed up the customs clearance process
How is the customs clearance of goods for individuals in Ukraine?2022-04-22T16:03:53+03:00

Registration of goods by an individual occurs by completing the formalities required for the legal import of goods into Ukraine.

The process of customs clearance of goods by an individual2022-04-22T16:08:30+03:00

Customs clearance for an individual involves declaring the characteristics of the goods by the owner and inspection by customs representatives.

Who provides customs services for individuals?2022-04-22T16:13:23+03:00

Customs services for individuals are provided by Imex Solutions.

Customs regulations for individuals2022-04-22T16:27:22+03:00

There are three types of goods:

  • banned for import
  • requiring special import permits
  • imported without restrictions

An individual can import goods that are not subject to restrictions. It has the right to declare any goods at will.

Customs clearance of goods by individuals is not required if

  • the goods are imported for personal use
  • its weight and price do not exceed the established norms

If the goods do not require a written declaration, they can be imported through the green channel. If a declaration is required, an individual uses the red channel.

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