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A car that is imported into the territory of Ukraine for subsequent sale or use must undergo customs clearance.

What is customs clearance of a car

Customs clearance is the passage by a car of the customs clearance procedure for import into the territory of Ukraine. After customs clearance, the vehicle is considered legal. The owner can freely use it for transportation or sell it.

Customs clearance is not required if the car:

  • stays in Ukraine temporarily, no more than 10 days;
  • is in transit to another country;
  • belongs to a foreigner who has a residence permit in Ukraine;
  • belongs to a Ukrainian citizen who officially works in a foreign company or is on temporary consular registration in another state.

Registration of an imported car: main stages

Customs clearance of a car in Ukraine in 2022 involves the passage of customs procedures in several stages when crossing the state border and at the regional customs office at the place of residence or registration of the owner.

When importing a car into the country, the owner must present when passing the customs border:

  • personal documents (passport and TIN);
  • technical passport of the car;
  • documents giving the right to own a car (contract of sale);
  • documents confirming the value of the vehicle.

Customs officers will inspect the vehicle and draw up an act. At customs, the owner makes an advance payment.

The final clearance takes place at the customs office at the place of registration or residence of the owner of the car. To complete the procedure, the owner provides:

  • customs declaration;
  • a receipt for the payment of the deposit;
  • an act issued by customs officers when crossing the border;
  • documents that allow you to establish the value of the car (technical passport, examination certificate, purchase and sale documents, etc.).

Having received the documents, the customs office calculates the final cost of the taxes and fees required for clearance. After paying all fees and processing customs documents, the car is registered with the state.

Customs clearance of a car: mandatory payments

The owner of the imported car is interested in the price of customs clearance. Customs clearance of a car in Ukraine provides for the payment of several types of taxes (excise, customs duty, VAT) and mandatory payments (for registration, transport and pension fees).

Important parameters affecting the amount of taxes and payments:

  • the cost of the car;
  • age and technical condition;
  • size and type of engine.

Why you should contact Imex Solutions

Customs clearance of cars from Europe and other regions is one of the services Imex Solutions provides to its clients. Our experts will help:

  • collect and prepare the documents necessary for the vehicle to pass customs procedures;
  • calculate the amount of taxes and obligatory payments required for customs clearance of the vehicle;
  • reduce the time of customs procedures and complete the process without bureaucratic delays.

Frequently asked questions

How much will customs clearance of a car from Germany cost?2022-02-21T15:23:40+02:00

The answer to the question of how much customs clearance of a car from Germany costs depends on the following factors:

  • type, engine size;
  • the market value of the car;
  • the number of years of the car;
  • availability of privileges for the owner.

For cars imported from the EU, a 4.5% customs duty rate is set. If there is an electric motor, the owner does not pay VAT. Participants in hostilities have benefits when importing vehicles.

How long does it take to clear a car in Ukraine?2022-02-21T15:24:36+02:00

Customs clearance of a car in Ukraine takes up to three working days and depends on the workload of customs.

Why do you need customs clearance of a car?2022-02-21T15:25:17+02:00

Customs clearance of a car is the process of legalizing a vehicle in Ukraine. It is necessary for the unimpeded use of the car in the country, state registration or subsequent sale.

What is the price for customs clearance of a car in Ukraine?2022-02-21T15:26:51+02:00

How is customs clearance of a car calculated in Ukraine? The price is calculated based on the following factors:

  • the cost of the car;
  • age and mileage of the car;
  • engine type and size.

The price includes taxes (excise duty, customs duty and VAT) and obligatory payments (to the Pension Fund, transport tax and registration fee).

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