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Consolidation of groupage cargo

Consolidation of goods is the collection and storage of small consignments of goods from different consignors for their further transportation under a single transport document.

This process reflects the stage of accumulation and sorting of goods in the warehouse of the carrier company and the direct formation of batches of various goods that will be sent on one vehicle in one direction.

Thus, it is precisely on the competent and prompt consolidation that the speed of sending the goods depends, and its preservation, and savings for the client and the carrier.

Consolidation scheme:

  • after the cargo arrives at the consolidated warehouse, it is processed and stored until it is combined with other cargo;

  • when the cargo is fully formed, it is sent by road to the destination.

Imex Solutions provides a full range of services with cargo consolidation, which includes:

  • packing and repackaging according to export conditions;
  • marking;
  • polling and sorting of goods;
  • loading and unloading works;
  • warehouse accounting of movement;
  • registration of the necessary documents;
  • customs clearance and cargo insurance.

Consolidation of cargoes can significantly reduce financial costs and simplify the procedure for processing documents when transporting small-sized cargo or transporting small permanent consignments of goods.

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