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Air transportation abroad is a convenient way to move goods.

Benefits of Air Freight

Air freight, the prices of which are higher than other modes of transport, has a number of advantages:

Delivery speed.

The goods are transported from one point to another with a minimum number of intermediate points on the way or directly. This makes aviation convenient for the transportation of perishable goods or products, as well as raw materials for the manufacture of elite products, equipment and spare parts for organizing continuous production, humanitarian cargo to areas of natural disasters, conflicts and catastrophes.

Reliability and safety.

Air transport is safe. There are strict requirements for the movement of goods. The goods are unloaded only at the final delivery point. Therefore, external risks are minimized and the cargo arrives undamaged.

Controllability of the transportation process.

Aviation has the most stringent rules for transporting goods. The whole process is organized as transparently as possible. The probability of cargo loss in transit is minimized. The owner has the ability to control the movement of goods online around the clock.

Requirements for the transported cargo

Air cargo transportation in Ukraine has strict standards. The dimensions of the transported cargo must provide:

  • its free loading and unloading into an aircraft;
  • the possibility of placement and fastening in the baggage and cargo compartment of the aircraft.

The transported cargo must have the necessary documentation. Basic documents for transportation:

  • An air waybill is a document confirming the existence of a contract for the carriage of goods.
  • Packing list – a complete list of transported goods, indicating their characteristics and type of packaging.
  • Invoice is a document containing information about the cost of the goods being transported.

Additional documents:

  • Safety data sheet, if the goods are classified as dangerous goods.
  • Export declaration when moving goods abroad.
  • Cargo Manifest – information about the cargo that a particular flight carries. Issued for each point of the goods.

Peculiarities of air transportation of cars

Air transportation of the car is carried out if necessary, quickly move it over a long distance with minimal risk of damage. Aircraft carry:

  • Executive class cars for officials and businessmen making business trips.
  • Vehicles for racing.
  • Elite cars for exhibitions or sales.

Cars are transported in compliance with safety requirements:

  • With insulated battery terminals.
  • Tank filled no more than 25%.
  • With the use of protective covers and attachment to a special platform.

Why you should contact Imex Solutions

Imex Solutions cooperates with leading transport companies. We organize air transportation from China to Ukraine, as well as transportation of goods within the CIS or to Europe.

Our specialists:

  • Promptly prepare documents for air transportation of goods.
  • They will develop the optimal route for the movement of goods and quickly organize transport for loading.
  • Help in moving non-standard cargo.
  • Arrange for the client access to information about the movement of goods around the clock.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need an air travel license?2022-04-23T18:36:54+03:00

Air cargo transportation is subject to mandatory licensing in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

How much does air freight cost?2022-04-23T18:39:20+03:00

The cost of air transportation depends on a number of factors:

  • Weight (actual and volumetric) and product characteristics.

  • The type of aircraft transporting.
  • The distance to be transported.
  • Fuel surcharge prices.
  • Additional security fees.
How is air travel regulated?2022-04-23T18:41:18+03:00

International air cargo transportation is regulated by:

  • International air cargo rules.
  • The laws of the country from whose territory the transportation is carried out (Air Code of Ukraine).
  • The laws of the country to which the goods are being transported.
  • Internal rules and regulations of the carrier company.

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