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We know how important the process of sending and receiving goods is when conducting foreign economic activity. Since customs clearance of goods is often accompanied by difficulties and inconveniences, we have tried to make it fast and comfortable. You can order customs clearance of goods in the city of Kiev on our website, by contacting phone numbers or by email.

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During the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine, all imported and exported goods are subject to mandatory customs clearance. Cargo transportation abroad is directly related to customs clearance of goods (“customs clearance”) or customs clearance. Well-coordinated work of an experienced team is necessary for the successful passage of the cargo through all instances and for it to be delivered to the warehouse on time.

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Due to the fact that Imex Solutions has signed agreements with leading transport companies, our specialists implement the most optimal ways of delivering goods in international traffic.

We can successfully carry out export-import trucking from the CIS countries, Asia and Europe.

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A full range of services for customs clearance of goods.

Get foreign economic activity on a turnkey basis

Consolidation of goods is the collection and storage of small consignments of goods from different consignors for their subsequent transportation under a single transport document.

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Since our employees have ten years of experience in the field of foreign economic activity, they can provide consulting services at the highest professional level.

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Enjoy fast customs clearance!

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